Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bizarre Potato Chip Flavour of the Day

The Flavour: Thick Cut Pizza 

President’s Choice is on a quest--a “World of Flavours” quest, if you will--with a chip that is supposed to summon forth fond memories of that magical summer where you wandered the cafés and restaurants of Rome, sampling all of the culinary wonders that came in pie form (or, at least remind you of all the hyperactive Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties you’ve attended over the years. Or, are you old like me and remembering birthday parties at Mother’s Pizza? Oh, how I miss Mother’s Pizza. <sigh> Apparently, though, Mother's Pizza is returning! Seriously!!) But I digress… The name of these chips seems a bit ambiguous to me. Are these chips supposed to taste like pizza that is cut thick, or are they thick cut chips that taste like pizza? (I think it’s the latter, since they come in super-fun ripple form!)

The Verdict: Okay, I have to hand it to President’s Choice—these are pretty close to tasting like the real thing. You can taste all the elements—the cheese, the sauce, the spices. It’s not like the surreal moment where you first tried a buttered popcorn-flavoured Jelly Belly and your mind started to cave in because you couldn’t process the fact that a sugary piece of candy tasted exactly like buttered popcorn, but it’s still impressive nonetheless. If it helps, they taste a lot like the frozen mini pizzas you get in boxes of 20 from M&M.

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